Mod Post

I am closing down this community as of today, 3/16/09. We have not received any secret topics in weeks, our comment count is down and we are not bringing in any new members. I will not delete the community, so you can continue posting to the secret topics that are already up if you need to get something off your chest. Comments to this will be screened as I am sure we will get snarked.

If things seem to pick up at any point in the future, we will consider re-opening. I don't understand why we didn't have more participation, considering the original post secret community only posts maybe once a month IF you're lucky, but I guess have fun over there.


If a genie was giving you a choice between $35 million or saving the life of 1 person in the world, which would you choose? If you choose the saving of a life, who would it be that you'd choose?

(Let's say that in the saving life option you can save that wish until someone you know is actually dying.)